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Video Artists


Aaron Yonda

of Blame Society Films;

Co-Creator of Chad Vader & Beer and Boardgames

Alex Lewis

of i8athumbtack;

creator of "Let's Just Be Friends" and "Kellerman Hates Fruit"

Allisyn Ashley Arm,

Disney Channel actress

and creator of the

'Astrid Clover' series

Austin Hall,

creator of "Daft Hands"

Ben Auxier and Brian Huther,

co-creators of

Friend Dog Studios & "Your Drunk Neighbor, Donald Trump"

Brandon Hardesty,

'Film Reenactments',

'Strange Faces and Noises

I Can Make', and

'No Small Parts'

Brock Baker,

The Man of a Kajillion Voices

Dom Fera,

Creator of

The Lazer Collection

and Deck'd series


Zachery Scott

of EZwithETHAN,

The Colorblind Man Who Sees Purple for the First Time

Heather Feather,


Hunter Bates,

Co-Creator of HunterHunter2007 and our friend from High School

Jason Steele,

Creator of the

Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas With Hats series

Kellie Whisler

AKA PokeKellz,

Co-Host of The National Dex

Lewis Spears,

Comedian and Creator of LewReview

Liam Kyle Sullivan, creator of "Shoes" and "Muffins"

Michael Rousselet, Michael E. Peters, & Tomm Jacobson,

from 5 Second Films and Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

Rachel Tietz,

Actress from

The Nostalgia Critic

Stian Hafstad,

co-creator of PistolShrimps

Vincent Kavanagh,

Creator of YouTube Explained

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