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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic"
- A Hamilton parody

by Michael William Hunter
of The "Weird Al"Phabet podcast!

Ep. 34:
Amincast (ft. Amin McButt)

Gage is joined by Niall and Amin to talk about musicals, working out, and other topics they can't stay on.

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Artwork by Matt McEwan (@Envelion)

Final Clean-Up By Aaron Overton: @aospiderfan


Ep. 115:
Miniature Golf

Wait! Al didn't write this song!! What gives, man?? Learn about Damaskas, Barnes & Barnes, and Beefalo Bill. They're like "Weird Al", except they glow in the dark.

Also, we're not in any way sponsored by Netflix.


Al's Cameo:
Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions Tour - “WEIRD!” - Himself (mentioned)


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