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Ep. 36:
Michaelcast (ft. Michael Hunter)

Dan Kawka and Gage sit down with Michael Hunter of The Weird Alphabet to talk about meeting their heroes.

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Michael's Hamilton Parody:

Michael with Weird Al:


Ep. 127:
The North Korea Polka

How do we talk about a very politically touchy subject without talking about politics? SHOE!


Al's cameo:
Weird Al Drag King. With Glitter. - BodyArt by Tash


"Alfred Matthew Yankovic"
- A Hamilton parody

by Michael William Hunter
of The "Weird Al"Phabet podcast!

It's Andrew Frola's 

gaming channel, FrolalalaGaming!! 

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Let's Play!

Michael takes on 

Comikaze/LA Comic Con 2016 

on behalf of!!

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