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Ep. 039:
Earth Live

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a nature documentary looked and felt more like SportsCenter or election night coverage? No, of course you haven't, that's a ridiculous thing to wonder. Nevertheless, this week the randomizer, in its infinite wisdom, goes all the way back to 2017 to select an experimental National Geographic special that decided to be that very abomination for reasons unknown. Join Tony Goldmark, Zach Hurst, Cassie Shima and Luke Ski as they get tickets to see EARTH LIVE!


Ep. 038:
The Country Bears

Exactly ten years ago today, on February 3rd, 2011, I released the very first episode of my web series Some Jerk With A Camera, a review of the 2002 Disney classic The Country Bears filmed on location at Disneyland. And now, to celebrate a whole damn decade of me doing this dumb crap, my cohorts and I are setting the randomizer aside for this week so we can revisit and reevaluate what many have called the Citizen Kane of movies about ursine musicians. Join Tony Goldmark, Charlie Callahan, Morgan Funder and David Ganssle as they get mauled by THE COUNTRY BEARS!

Watch my original 2011 Country Bears video:

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Ep. 037:
The Cat from
Outer Space

Let me ask you this: did The Godfather have a cat from outer space in it? Did Lawrence of Arabia have a cat from outer space in it? Did Citizen Kane have a cat from outer space in it? No, no and no, they did not. But you'd better believe the 1978 Disney classic The Cat from Outer Space has a cat from outer space in it, and this week we're bypassing the randomizer for our first-ever Guest's Choice episode, in which our good friend Morgan Funder makes us watch that majestic cinematic epic of the "extraterrestrial feline" subgenre. Join Tony Goldmark, Alessandra Dreyer, Morgan Funder and David Ganssle as they make first contact with THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE!

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