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Ep. 022:
Chicken Little

Patreon Request Month marches on with Matthew Bogatz's request for this weird, misbegotten relic from Disney's very brief and extremely regrettable period when they unaccountably tried to be Dreamworks. Ever wanted to see a film with aliens, baseball, talking farm animals, 70s pop songs, ugly-ass half-rendered animation, lots and lots of pee jokes AND the guy from Scrubs in it? Well look no further, ya damn weirdo! Join Tony Goldmark, Erika Haynes, Luke Ski and David Spencer as they fry up some CHICKEN LITTLE!


Ep. 21:

Milo Murphy's Law - S1E12 & E13

Patreon Request Month continues with Alex the Azurath's request for a randomly-selected episode of the less-successful animated series from the creators of Phineas & Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, starring none other than the one-and-only "Weird Al" Yankovic in the titular role! And the random selection in question is a very-bizarre-even-for-this-show two-part episode about time travel and mutant pistachios! Join Tony Goldmark, Jeff Scot Carey, Emily Clark and Zach Hurst as they study MILO MURPHY'S LAW, season one, episodes twelve and thirteen, "Missing Milo" parts 1 & 2!


Ep. 20:
The Little Mermaid 
TV Series - S3E3

As Escape From Vault Disney triumphantly RETURNS from a five-month hiatus, we continue Patreon Request Month with Rob Bergman's request for a particularly weird episode of the weirder-than-you-remember 90s Little Mermaid TV series. Join Tony Goldmark, Kyle A. Carrozza, Morgan Funder and Kitty Quinn for the sheer deranged majesty of Mary Seashelley's "Ariel & Costello Meet Frankenstein," aka THE LITTLE MERMAID (SERIES), season three, episode three, "Island of Fear!" #CrabExperiments