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Ep. 130:

Frankenweenie (1984)

This week, for our first of two extremely-belated Halloween episodes of the year, the randomizer goes all the way back to 1984 to cover one of the earliest live-action efforts of a rising young talent by the name of Tim Burton, who in this landmark early work explored many of the very same themes and motifs that would later become ubiquitous in his filmography, including the juxtaposition of mundane suburban life with horror-fantasy tropes, the celebration of misunderstood outsiders over bland conformists, and of course cool-looking German expressionist gothic art design absolutely slathered all over the screen. At the time it was a unique, exemplary work of art from an obvious future auteur, so naturally Disney buried it like an undead dog's bone and only released it eight years later after its director made freakin' Batman. Join Tony Goldmark, Haley Baker Callahan, David Ganssle and Gaby Tyrrell as they obnoxiously point out that it's Frankenweenie's monster, not FRANKENWEENIE (1984)! 



Ep. 129:
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - S1E4: "Find Her, Keep Her"

This week we're bypassing the randomizer for yet another Guest's Choice episode, in which our good friend Madeline Maye makes us watch one of the first episodes of a 1988 ABC Saturday morning cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, a series that came about when the executives said "So yeah, Winnie the Pooh's a big popular brand for us, let's just slap together a cute little Pooh show to sell some more plush toys to pre-schoolers, it doesn't need to be mindblowing or anything." To which the writers, artists and showrunners responded, "We are going to make an episode about Rabbit looking after a baby bird that will rip every last audience member's still-beating heart right out of their asses and show it to them before they die drowning in their own salty tears." Join Tony Goldmark, Madeline Maye, Chris Nebergall and Renie Rivas as they count all the bees in the hive and chase all the clouds from the sky back to the days of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH, season one, episode four, "Find Her, Keep Her!"



Ep. 128:

Once Upon a Time - S1E12: "Skin Deep"

At long last, this week the randomizer wraps up Patreon Request Month 2023 by going all the way back to 2012 to pick Nick F's request for an episode of the OTHER project titled "Once Upon A (something)" that first aired on ABC in which Disney tried to cram every last Disney character onscreen together. Specifically a season one episode that had the bold vision to say, "hey, remember when Disney retold a tale as old as time so absolutely perfectly that it became the first-ever animated feature nominated for Best Picture? We can probably do it better." They failed of course, but along the way they sure did give us an episode chock full of stupid character names, bad CGI backgrounds, annoying maniacal cackling, slutty goth waitresses, sneezing pharmacists, the kidnapping and excessive caning of a drinkware thief, and what the hell, a scene where a human being gets turned into a flower. Join Tony Goldmark, Charley Marlowe, Madeline Maye, Chris Nebergall and Veronika Vexed as they enter Shrek's outhouse and wipe their asses with a torn-out storybook page that begins with ONCE UPON A TIME, season one, episode twelve, "Skin Deep!"


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