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Ep. 049:
Cipher Hunt
feat. Alex Hirsch
& Jason Ritter

Shelby, Charley and Ella are joined by none other than Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch AND voice of Dipper Jason Ritter to discuss the worldwide treasure-hunting event, Cipher Hunt!! We talk the challenges behind planting each clue, the adventures that fans had while searching, and some never-before-heard secrets from the hunt! PLUS: we interview Free Country USA's own Strong Bad!!

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Bonus Ep:
Let It Shine

In this special BONUS episode, we're joined by Mary McKeon (of Into the Falls), Ray and Easy Snake Oven to watch and discuss the Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered just before Gravity Falls, "Let it Shine"!

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Episode 48:
Gravity Falls
"Weirdmageddon Part 3"


Charley and Ella are once again joined by David, Alexa and Michael to watch and discuss the grand finale of Gravity Falls, "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls." We talk the unique challenges and rewards of writing an ending, the mysteries that remain unsolved and the future of this podcast moving forward. We're also joined by MissJukeBox8 to discuss her fan theory about Bill!

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