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Ep. 02
Garden Wall Recall - "Schooltown Follies/Songs of the Dark Latern"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Ella, Shelby and Charley continue their spooky re-theme of their podcast museum with episodes 3 & 4 of Over the Garden Wall, joined by the incredible voice actor Liz aka @pearl.point!

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Watch OTGW episode 3 "Schooltown Follies":

Watch OTGW episode 4 "Songs of the Dark Lantern":

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Ep. 00:
Garden Wall Recall -
Tome of the Unknown

Charley, Ella and Shelby begin their Halloween re-theming of the podcast for October (thanks to our Patreon supporters!) and discuss the Over the Garden Wall pilot short film "Tome of the Unknown." Famed crab scientist Agatha Vile even stops by!

Watch "Tome of the Unknown: Harvest Melody":

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Ep. 01
Garden Wall Recall - "The Ol' Grist Mill/Hard Times and the Huskin' Bee"

Charley, Shelby and Ella dive into the start of Over the Garden Wall proper with the miniseries' first two episodes, "The Old Grist Mill" and "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee" with the wonderful Alexa Cuizon, David Spencer and David Ganssle. We discuss the dynamic of our lead characters, the tone set by these episodes, and Ella discovers the terror that is Psalty!

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Watch OTGW Episode 1 "The Old Grist Mill":

Watch OTGW Episode 2 "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee":

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Special Guests & Interviews:

Rob Renzetti

It was an utter joy to get to talk with Gravity Falls supervising producer/story editor/cartoon wizard Rob Renzetti! We chatted with him about the Season 2 episode he directed, as well as the Gravity Falls books he wrote leading up to his current projects as an author!

Hear him in our episodes on "Scary-oke", "Dipper & Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!", and "Journal 3"!

Alex Hirsch

We had the pleasure of getting to interview the CREATOR of Gravity Falls itself, Alex Hirsch! We talked with Alex about the international scavenger hunt he devised after the series ended and how it became a huge celebration of the Gravity Falls fandom.

Hear him in our episode on "Cipher Hunt (also featuring Jason Ritter)"

Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter is not only the voice of Dipper Pines but is also quite possibly the biggest Gravity Falls fan in the world! We got to talk with him about his path to the show, one of its biggest lore-revealing episodes of the show, as well as the international GF scavenger hunt he participated in with fans!

Hear him in our episodes on "Society of the Blind Eye" and "Cipher Hunt (also featuring Alex Hirsch)"

Michael Rianda

We interviewed the incredible Michael Rianda, Gravity Falls S1 creative director AND Academy Award-nominated director of The Mitchells vs. the Machines! We talked about his many contributions to the show, from early development to script writing to voice acting, and how his Gravity Falls experience helped him later in his career.

Hear him in our episode on "The Love God"!

Strong Bad

Strong Bad appeared on our show, but not Gravity Falls. He still insisted we should mention that Gravity Falls writer/Mermando voice actor Matt Chapman is an old weirdo. We talked about the Cipher Hunt clue Matt- I mean Strong Bad hid in Atlanta, GA.

Hear him in our episode on "Cipher Hunt" (also ft. Alex Hirsch and Jason Ritter)

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