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Ep. 186:

Talk Soup

This week, we discuss the origin of this funky (original?) Al song and why Chicken Soup for the Soul is still relevant.




Ep. 185:
Take Me Down

This week, we're discussing Al's theme song to his college campus, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo! Let's take a trip to SLO Town!




Ep. 184: 
Taco Grande

This week, we discuss the Gerardo's one-hit wonder and somehow become spokespeople for Taco Bell.





Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz 

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, a man who shouldn't need an introduction, but, in case you have been living under a rock, he's Al's drummer and has been the first official member of Al's band since the very beginning. Listen in!

Again, thank you so much Jon for coming on the show. It was unreal and an honor!

Joe Earley

Joe Earley, one of Al's good friends from college, agreed to do a phone interview with Michael about all of Joe's time making music with Al while they attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Strap in, because we got some newly uncovered tracks for you die-hard Al fans!

Again, thank you so much Joe for coming on the show. It was an absolute pleasure.

 Lisa Popeil

It's not everyday you get to talk to a talented singer and vocal coach like Lisa Popeil, so we think it's safe to say that this is a special occasion. Learn all about her side of the making of Mr. Popeil as well as some fun facts about some of the other songs she was also a background vocalist on, what turned her towards teaching, and how much we all love to gush about Al.

The Gregory Brothers

This week, we get the privilege to discuss Weird Al with Evan, Andrew, and Michael of Schmoyoho/The Gregory Brothers YouTube channel! We discuss some of their past songs, their process of "Songifying" videos, and, of course, their love for Al! Listen in on some awesome tidbits about "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women", too!

Michael Hunter's 'Hamilton: An American Musical' parody, "Alfred Matthew Yankovic", pays homage to Al's life and has been ranked at #2 on the Dr. Demento Show's Top 10 List for March & April 2018 and ranked at #4 of the Funny 25 of 2018! Also, it was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Outstanding Parody Song!
CLICK HERE to see the Michael's live performance!