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Ep. 107:
Let the Pun Fit the Crime

The puns commence when we all talk about the hit from "Wander Over Yonder".


Al's Cameo:
S2 - E4 - The Boy Wander - 2015

Dan's plugs n' stuff:


Ep. 106:
Let Me Be Your Hog

It's all been building up to this dire question: What does it mean to be someone's "hog"?


Al's Cameo:
Mad - "100th Episode" - Superman

Andrew's plugs n' stuff:

Learn more about the 'It's Personal' show:

Listen to the 'Barenaked ABCs' podcast:


Ep. 105:
Leisure Suit Serenade

We return to the early days of Al to talk about the song all about our favorite style of casual-wear! Also, we receive a strange carrier pigeon.

Al's cameo:
Futurama - S3E3 "The Cryonic Woman" - Himself


Michael's plugs n' stuff:
Click Here for "Aimy in a Cage"!