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Ep. 115:
Miniature Golf

Wait! Al didn't write this song!! What gives, man?? Learn about Damaskas, Barnes & Barnes, and Beefalo Bill. They're like "Weird Al", except they glow in the dark.

Also, we're not in any way sponsored by Netflix.


Al's Cameo:
Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions Tour - “WEIRD!” - Himself (mentioned)


Ep. 114:
Midnight Star

It's your weekly dose of everyone's favorite conspiracy theory-ridden issue: The "Weird Al"Phabet! Midnight Star! Is it actually a style parody of Bruce Springsteen or is it an original?! How did Miss Universe of 1992 win the title?? Will we ever see Frog Boy again??! Find out....... now!


Al's Cameo:
L.B. Rayne- Where No Man’s Been Before (music video) - Klingon


Listen to Michael's Hamilton parody: "Alfred Matthew Yankovic"!


Ep. 113:

This week we're talking about creepers. Specifically, the one stalking Melanie. Also, we go on one of the weirdest, yet informative tangents we've ever had on the show.


Al's Cameo:
Radio Spots recorded by Al while staffed on KCPR at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Himself