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Ep. 076:

Hot Rocks Polka

Are you a Rolling Stones fan or a Beatles fan? We think Al is both, but I don't see a polka medley in ode to The Beatles anywhere, so... Also, it's a pun-tastic episode this week. Sorry. So, sorry.

Al's Cameo:
Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! - Himself?:


Ep. 075:

Hooked On Polkas

This week we talk about Al's second polka medley! We also have a lot of awkward silences. Too many.

Al's Cameo:
Batman the Brave and the Bold - Himself:

Michael's plugs n' stuff:

Click Here for "Aimy in a Cage"!

Mah House



Ep. 074:

Homer and Marge

It's all about The Simpsons this week! We bring Simpson experts, Shane and Jules, on to discuss what they believe is the BEST SIMPSONS EPISODE EVER. Spoiler alert! You'll probably think they're wrong! Oh! And I guess we talk about Weird Al for, like, half a second.

Shane Steele's plugs n' stuff:

Allura March: