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Ep. 072:

Hey, Hey 

We're the Monks

This week, we discuss a song that Al didn't write, but he performed. Why? Because it's going to be on the Medium Rarities album. Also, David's real-life brother is back to lend a hand with his vast background in music!

Also, to quote Andrew: 

"If Weird Al had a cult, we're, like, the priests."

Reuben (Replacement David):


Ep. 071:
Here's Johnny

This week, we talk a lot. Wanna learn about Short Circuit? Listen in! David's brother? He showed up! Wanna learn about Ed McMahon? We brought on our gameshow expert, Adam Nedeff, to do just that! It's a jam-packed episode!

Adam Nedeff:

Reuben (Replacement David):


Ep. 070:

Headline News

This week, Shane is back again as we talk about Crash Test Dummies, the horrible news stories associated with both songs, and how early 90s CGI can fuel your nightmares!

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Al's Cameo:
Spicks and Specks - Himself

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