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Ep. 123:
My Own Eyes

This week, we saw a baby drive a truck and we talk about our theories on how Al wrote this song of a random list of stuff in the style of The Foo Fighters! Also, Dan goes into the awesome history of Dave Grohl!


Al's cameo:


Ep. 122:
'My New 
Teacher and Me!' 
& 'When I Grow Up' Audiobooks

We are joined by Kelly Phillips (author and cartoonist of the "Weird Me" comic book) to discuss Al Yankovic's two children's books: "My New Teacher and Me!" and "When I Grow Up". We geek out about Al fandom, how we all have a Grandpa Joe, and how we all have crushes on Liam Neeson!

Kelly Phillip's links n' stuff:

Dan's link to the list of Al's books:


Ep. 121:
My Bologna

It's the one that started it all. Or rather, the one that took off. Learn about the behind the scenes of Al's classic, the first official unofficial music video, a new discovery of the significance of "27", as well as the "origins" of bologna.


Al's Cameo:
Interview with Al's Former Roommate - audio of himself:


Dan's links n' stuff:


 Lisa Popeil

It's not everyday you get to talk to a talented singer and vocal coach like Lisa Popeil, so we think it's safe to say that this is a special occasion. Learn all about her side of the making of Mr. Popeil as well as some fun facts about some of the other songs she was also a background vocalist on, what turned her towards teaching, and how much we all love to gush about Al.


Michael Hunter's 'Hamilton: An American Musical' parody, "Alfred Matthew Yankovic", pays homage to Al's life and has been ranked at #2 on the Dr. Demento Show's Top 10 List for March and April 2018!