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Ep. 37:
Jeffcast (ft. JohnnyUtah)

Gage reunites Jeff (JohnnyUtah) and Niall for tomfoolery and swell conversation.

Follow Jeff: @JohnnyUtah_ng

Watch the Nightmare Cops Trailer:


Ep. 140:
Perform This Way

We talk about the Al parody all about the infamous Fame Monster with our good friend Pickles Kintaro (from the 'Tight and Nerdy' burlesque group centered entirely on "Weird Al" music). Listen in and learn what it takes to perform this way! Also, is that a surprise cameo appearance of Tony Goldmark (Some Jerk With a Camera)?! 


Pickles Kintaro's plugs n' stuff: 


"Alfred Matthew Yankovic"
- A Hamilton parody

by Michael William Hunter
of The "Weird Al"Phabet podcast!