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Ep. 38:
(ft. Matt McEwan & Michelle Stanford)

Gage and Kat sit down with Matt McEwan and Michelle Stanford to talk about anime conventions and story foundations!

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Ep. 147:
Polka Power!

It's WEEK FIVE of the Al-Polka-Lypse! Richard Taylor of Bolonium joins us to delve deep into the 90's and brush up on one of the most powerful polka medlies: Polka Power!

Al's cameo:
"Weird Al Yankovic Goes Digital" - Himself:

"School House Polka" - Veggietales (obvious nod to Al):


Ep. 107: 
Say Anything

In this week's episode, Alexa and David talk entertainment industry, toxic relationships, and cardboard cut-outs. 

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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic"
- A Hamilton parody

by Michael William Hunter
of The "Weird Al"Phabet podcast!