Thank You, Internet
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A sincere love letter to everything The Internet has to offer.

Ep. 02:
Meet the Deedles a place where surfers usually aren't?!? Wuh-wuh-wuh-WHAAAAT?!? This week the randomizer picks an inexplicably-theatrically-released remnant of 1998 that proves you don't need Pauly Shore to make a Pauly Shore comedy. Join Tony Goldmark, Morgan Funder, David Ganssle and Luke Ski as they begrudgingly MEET THE DEEDLES!


Ep. 196:
Trash Day

Time to take out the trash, folks!



Ep: 111 
Downer Ending

Alexa and David talk about the zen of Todd, the turning point of the series, and whether or not it's "too late".

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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award
for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!
See Michael perform it LIVE at
MarsCon 2019!