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Ep. 12:
Doug - S3E21:
"Quailman vs. The Triad of Terror"

What happens when a Nicktoon becomes a Disneytoon? Apparently they run out of ideas and say "Screw it, it's a superhero show now." This week the randomizer picks a 1999 episode of the show that inexplicably had "Brand Spankin' New" in its title at one point! Join Tony Goldmark, Charlie Callahan, Haley Baker Callahan and Morgan Funder as they say hello to DOUG, season three (technically seven), episode twenty-one, "Quailman Vs. The Triad of Terror!"


Ep. 208:
Weasel Stomping Day

Put on your viking helmets and break out your boots! We're talking about Al's most cheerful song about crushing weasels! Joining us is the published 'Weird Al' historian, Nathan Rabin!!

Nathan Rabin's plugs n' stuff:

Fest of Al 2020:



Ep: 111 
Downer Ending

Alexa and David talk about the zen of Todd, the turning point of the series, and whether or not it's "too late".

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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award
for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!
See Michael perform it LIVE at
MarsCon 2019!