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Ep. 191:
Peasant's Quest Preview

We're bringing on Charley Marlowe and David Ganssle to discuss one of toons about one of the most important flash games from The Brothers Chaps: Peasant's Quest!! Spoilers for the game are inbound, so novice beware!

Watch the toon:

Watch the next episode's toon:



Ep. 130:
Frankenweenie (1984)

This week, for our first of two extremely-belated Halloween episodes of the year, the randomizer goes all the way back to 1984 to cover one of the earliest live-action efforts of a rising young talent by the name of Tim Burton, who in this landmark early work explored many of the very same themes and motifs that would later become ubiquitous in his filmography, including the juxtaposition of mundane suburban life with horror-fantasy tropes, the celebration of misunderstood outsiders over bland conformists, and of course cool-looking German expressionist gothic art design absolutely slathered all over the screen. At the time it was a unique, exemplary work of art from an obvious future auteur, so naturally Disney buried it like an undead dog's bone and only released it eight years later after its director made freakin' Batman. Join Tony Goldmark, Haley Baker Callahan, David Ganssle and Gaby Tyrrell as they obnoxiously point out that it's Frankenweenie's monster, not FRANKENWEENIE (1984)! 



Ep. 070:
The Curse of Spider-Man

(Part 2)

Get caught in the web of Spider-Man and why Sony has produced so many Spider-Man movies in the last 2 decades.



Ep. 04:

Garden Wall Recall -
"The Ringing of the Bell/ Babes in the Wood"

Celebrate Halloween with perhaps the scariest episode of Over the Garden Wall followed by possibly the silliest, featuring Mary McKeon of "Into the Falls: A Gravity Falls Podcast" and fandom scholar Abby Kirby!

Check out Mary's Gravity Falls podcast Into the Falls:

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Ep. 12:

"LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed"

Did you hear the one about Alfred? Or possibly the one about the Rumor Weed? I hear that they are the topic of this episode of our podcast!



"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award

for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!

See Michael perform it LIVE at

MarsCon 2019!

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