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Introducing the newest podcast to the Pipedream:

A brand new podcast from the minds of Charley Marlowe and Ella Cesari looking back at the Disney animated series, "Gravity Falls"!

Ep. 051:
On Pointe: E1 - "Getting In"

This week, the randomizer chooses a the first episode of a Disney+ original documentary miniseries from last year in which Disney sent a camera crew to New York's prestigious School of American Ballet, and they just kinda pointed their cameras at stuff for a while and then edited it together until it technically counted as television. Riveting. Join Tony Goldmark, Kevin Anderson, Nicholas Bogroff Ganssle and Michael Hunter as they get on their tippy-toes and go ON POINTE, episode one, "Getting In!" 


Ep. 01:
Off The Wall/Untitled Gravity Falls Pilot

Charley and Ella discuss their goals for this podcast/time capsule/book club.

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Ep. 105:
monster truck

The gang is talking about monster truck shows and are joined again by non-binary voice-over actor, Charley Marlowe, as well as animator and voice-over actress, Ella Cesari, to promote their new, Gravity Fall-centric podcast: "Mystery Shack Lookback"!

Charley Marlowe:

Ella Cesari:

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Ep. 030:
Zack Snyder's Justice League

Michael Spellacy joins us again, this time for the much anticipated Snyder Cut of the Justice League and the story behind how it happened.


"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award
for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!
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