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Ep. 40:
(feat. Pat Francis)

Dan Kawka and Gage are back with Pat Francis of the Rock Solid podcast and they talk about music, superheroes, and Pat's new documentary, Uplyft!

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Ep. 170:
Slime Creatures from
Outer Space

LOOK OUT! IT'S A THERAMIN!!! Oh wait! It's just TV's Kyle and Lindzilla as well as the rest of the guys - but who cares about them? Also, go watch Mighty Magiswords on Hulu!!



Ep. 109: 
Horse Majeure

Alexa and David talk about Vincent Adultman, Vincent Adultman, and the best character of the series, Vincent Adultman.

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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award
for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!
See Michael perform it LIVE at
MarsCon 2019!