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Ep. 13:
Frank and Ollie

Remember when cartoons were drawn by human beings? Well, two of those human beings were the subjects of the 1995 documentary the randomizer has chosen for us this week! Join Tony Goldmark, Alessandra Dreyer, David Ganssle and VERY special guest JENNY NICHOLSON(!!!) as we indulgently listen to FRANK AND OLLIE!


Ep. 208:
The Weird Al Show Theme (Part 1 of 2)

It's The "Weird Al" Phabet Show! The gang is joined by Tracy Comeau from the Barenaked ABCs podcast and they learn the lesson on why it's important to brush your teeth. It's the discussion of the theme song to Al's television show! Also, did we mention that this is a TWO-PARTER?? Stay tuned next week for the spine-tingling conclusion!

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Ep: 111 
Downer Ending

Alexa and David talk about the zen of Todd, the turning point of the series, and whether or not it's "too late".

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