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Latest News!

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Ep. 180:
sbemail: replacement

What happens when Strong Bad decides to retire? Who will take his throne? Where even is his throne? If Strong Bad has a throne, why don't we have a throne? What gives??

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Ep. 179:
Puppet Jams

Alexa, David, and Michael are diving into every song out of the jam session between Homestar Runner and They Might Be Giants!

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July 2022

The gang catches up on some listener messages, reviews, and a new answering machine message!

“Come On Fhqwhpods” song -

Songwriters: Gavin Richard, Austin Post, Amala Dlamini, Louis Bell, Jasper Harris, & William Walsh. This song was re-produced. Original production organized by Bell and Walsh. (C) 2022 Republic Records, Mercury Records. All rights reserved.

I do not own the rights to making this song, so Posty, whatever you do, don't sue me.