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Michael William Hunter

Height: 5' 9"      Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Red      Eyes: Blue

Member of SAG-AFTRA and AGVA


Whip-Pan Man [Short]   Whip-Pan Man (Lead)         Legend Maker Prod.

Trans-R [Short]              Pippin (Supporting)                 Rain Valdez Prod.

The Vigilante                  Male Victim                          Crooked Jaw Prod.

Shampoo [Short]           Neighbor (Supporting)       Legend Maker Prod.

Aimy in a Cage              Steve (Lead)                               Ankaboot Prod.

All of Me [Short]       Remy Peters (Supporting)       Into the Storm Prod.

Heart Of Glass               Kamen Scott (Lead)                    Ambient Films

Mixed Up [Short]            Keith (Lead)                           Frostbite Pictures

Witewold [Short]      Sex Doctor (Supporting)          Aldrich Brothers Prod.

Kid Monster [Short]        Billy (Lead)                                   John Chalfant

Mr. Asher [Short]            Kid/Victim (Lead)              Bright Night Pictures


Mac Authority                 Mac Authority Customer            Mac Authority

PSA - Depression           Myself                                    Cameron Harrison

PSA - Anti-Bullying         Student                                          Pete Simano


Astrid Clover - "Latte Foam Art"   Maxwell Dover (Guest)   Allisyn Ashley Arm

The Stirred Student & The Perplexed Student     Eric (Lead)                   ACS Digital

Leaked Daredevil Auditions       Auditioner                          Erin Coleman

Zach & Anton Save the World: S1E5    Dan the Hipster     Kait Halibozek

Severance (5 episodes)             The Intern (Lead)            Nika Bros. Prod.

S&M: Sara and Molly: S1E3      Florian (Featured)        Nadine Svea Nonn

Parody X (6 ep)              Jason/Student/Narrator/etc     Nika Bros. Prod.

The Roommates (11 ep)      Terry Goldman (Lead)      Let’s Make Lemonade


Thank You, Internet [25+ episode podcast]         2015 - Current

Realm Of Gaming - Comikaze 2015                    October 29th - Nov. 1st


Never In My Lifetime                        Tom                                     AADA

Cider House Rules: Part 1                Young Larch                      AADA

Crimes of the Heart                          Barnette                             AADA

The Odd Couple                               Felix                                    AADA

Broadway Bound                              Eugene                               AADA

Cyrano de Bergerac                         Cyrano                      Riverfront Theatre

The Rainmaker                                 Jimmy                       Riverfront Theatre


Actor’s Comedy Studio Los Angeles, CA

Sitcom Master Class (Current)                              Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher

Sitcom Essentials (Current)           Gunnar R., Phyllis Katz, & Elaine Hendrix

Acting For Sitcoms                                                Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher

Script Analysis                                                                        Lauren Bertoni

American Academy of Dramatic Arts: Class of 2012  Los Angeles, CA

Academy Training: Vocal and Musical Theatre, Movement and Dance, Period dancing, Beginner’s Stage Combat, Make-up, Acting for Stage and Film, Shakespeare, Dialects, and Sitcom Acting


Can look like arm is broken and wrapped around head. Can do a helium voice and celebrity vocal impressions of Christopher Walken, Crispin Glover, Nicolas Cage, Mickey Mouse, Optimus Prime, and others.

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